Essential Ruler Quilting Challenge

Hey there, fellow quilting enthusiasts! Are you a confident beginner free-motion ruler quilter, longing to level up your quilting game? Well, I've got fantastic news for you. It's time for us to embark on a thrilling quilting adventure together by joining the Essential Ruler Quilting Challenge! In this challenge, we'll explore the world of rulerwork and acrylic templates. 

Essential Ruler Quilting Challenge

Are you like me and have acrylic quilting rulers gathering dust? We saw the demo, were inspired, and purchased them with the hope they would make quilting our quilt tops easier.

By participating, we'll not only finish more quilts but also increase our confidence, learn how to create our own ruler quilting designs and make the entire process even more enjoyable.

Why Should You Join the Essential Ruler Quilting Challenge?

  • Conquer Your Quilt Pile-Up: Like me, you probably have a stack of unfinished quilt projects gathering dust. Joining the challenge will equip us with the skills to tackle those projects with ease. We'll learn ruler quilting techniques that will help us transform our unfinished projects.
  • Boost Your Quilting Confidence: Are you ready to step into your quilting superpowers alongside me? The Essential Ruler Quilting Challenge is the perfect opportunity to do just that. We'll gain the confidence to take our quilting skills to new heights. Gone will be the days of shying away from challenging designs or intricate patterns. Together, we'll fearlessly embrace them and watch our confidence grow.
  • Design Your Way: One of the most exciting aspects of ruler quilting is the ability to create our own designs. Throughout the challenge, I will unlock the secrets behind designing and executing unique ruler quilting patterns. Together, we'll discover the joy of bringing our creative visions to life, turning ordinary quilts into personalized masterpieces. Get ready to unleash your inner artist!
  • Enjoy the Quilting Process: Quilting is not just about the finished product; it's about the journey. The Essential Ruler Quilting Challenge aims to make that journey even more enjoyable. No more frustrations or roadblocks to dampen our quilting spirit. This challenge is all about embracing the joy of quilting and enjoying the process.

Let's Conquer Ruler Quilting Together!

For each ruler we will make three different designs. Visit each week to learn how to create designs on a home machine or a long arm. We start the challenge with beginner-friendly designs that will also help confident beginners warm up for the challenge.

WEEK 1 - Straight Ruler

A straight ruler is our introduction to ruler quilting. Learn basic ruler quilting techniques with a straight ruler that increase your quilting skills. These skills help us quickly finish more quilts. 

WEEK 2 - Circle Ruler

Curve stitching designs on the surface can be challenging to stitch with a walking foot and on a home machine. Acrylic ruler quilting circles is a new and easier experience. Learn some circle techniques and have fun stitching in the Essential Ruler Quilting Challenge.

Visit BERNINA’S blog, We All Sew to join the Essential Ruler Quilting Challenge.

WEEK 3 - Curve Ruler

During week three we continue stitching curved rulerwork designs. Learn techniques using different segments of the ruler. The designs are useful for art and bed quilts. 

WEEK 4 - Squiggle Ruler

Some quilt projects, like totes and zippered pouches look fantastic with dense curvy designs. The Squiggle ruler is a solution to easily stitch beautiful designs on small quilt projects. The same ruler has two curvy designs. One side for long loose curves and another side with tight dense curves.

Visit BERNINA’S blog, We All Sew to join the Essential Ruler Quilting Challenge.

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