10-Steps Stress Free Machine Quilting

15 years of Learning into A 10-Step Process - In this course you will learn 10 steps for creating a quilting plan that reduces stress, increases confidence. Stop winging it! And start winning at machine quilting. Machine quilting does NOT have to be stressful. A quilting plan helps reduce stress and increase success. A plan is a series of steps. Steps create a repeatable process for success.

Free Motion Quilting Course

Confident beginners will improve skills and learn new techniques by using familiar shapes. The Alphabet Design eBook is filled with over 50 patterns based on the alphabet. Learn an alphabet stitching path, then use the Alphabet Design Course patterns to help improve your free motion quilting skills.

A Guide to Help Change Your Mind

When quilters talk about free-motion machine quilting, the discussion often leads to negative assumptions. Use the Guide and video to make a short list under each topic to eliminate fear, to take action when afraid and embrace mistakes as learning tools. Also use guide to help with self assessment and to create a plan.

A Course for Every Quilter

Beginner - First-timers new to free motion and ruler quilting on a domestic sewing machine or longarm.

Confident Beginner - Experienced with the basics of machine setup for both free motion and ruler quilting. You have some experience quilting with rulers on a domestic sewing machine or longarm.

Intermediate/Advanced - Experienced with free motion and ruler quilting.  You use rulers to quilt projects but want to learn more techniques and uses for rulers.  You may be ready to design your own machine quilting patterns.

Please note, Stitching Lane Society Machine Quilting Mastery Courses are digital courses and therefore once purchased are NOT refundable or exchangeable. Read Terms & Conditions.

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