Alphabet Design Course

Free motion techniques to finish more quilts

Free Motion Quilting Course Summary

Confident beginner machine quilters will improve by using the Alphabet. The course is filled with over 50 patterns based on the alphabet shapes. Learn an alphabet stitching path, then use the Alphabet Design Patterns to help improve your free-motion quilting skills.  

This is a self-paced demo course. Some sections include recorded teaching by Geraldine. Most sections include a video demo to illustrate techniques, stitching path and/or expanded design options. 

Alphabet Design Course Secrets


Don't panic and think you are not able master a skill many quilters dread.

Instead, build a solid foundation with the right tools and develop skills one-by-one that will produce consistent and successful results.


Don't panic and believe it is impossible to follow quilting stencils and learn new designs.

Instead, learn how to use what you already know and easy learning tools to quickly build confidence and skills.


Don't panic and believe designs are complicated and difficult to stitch.

 Instead, learn how create a system to boost skills while learning how to create your own designs at the same time.


Don't panic and think there is never enough time to finish quilts and learn new skills.
Instead, learn how to create a practice plan using "real" quilts that help you finish quilts and increases creativity. 

You Will Learn...

  • The essential tools  success
  • Foundational free motion quilting skills
  • Techniques that will build confidence
  • Drills to help you stitch quilting stencils
  • Techniques for creating your own designs
  • How to create a practice plan that helps you finish quilts

The Results...

  • Start enjoying the process
  • Complete more quilts to sell
  • Make more quilts for family & friends
  • Produce more quilts for causes you love
  • Express your creativity in storytelling art quilts
  • Save $$$ by quilting it yourself instead of hiring a professional longarmer.

Unlimited Access
Whenever & Wherever

  • 24-hour unlimited access
  • Watch wherever with included phone app
  • Access to private course community chat

Course Curriculum

Make More Quilts & Touch More Lives

One of the best things about learning free motion quilting is using the skill to complete personal projects that provide comfort for loved ones. "Amanda's Comfort Quilt" is special. The fidget quilt I made for my mother, Amanda, provided sensory activities that reduced her anxiety during her declining years with Dementia. 

Before I was a quilter, I traveled the world as a photographer. As much as I enjoy traveling, it did not prepare me to make quilts. I started making quilts to meet women when I moved to Virginia in 2005. After making my first four-patch potholder I was hooked.

Free motion quilting started when I encountered quilting stencil designs.  More experienced quilters me told it was too difficult and don't even try.

I was determined to learn free motion quilting so I could finish more quilts, quilt stencil designs and save money. Paying a longarm quilter hundreds of dollars for each quilt was not in my budget.

Amanda's 80th Birthday Quilt

Step-by-step I began to learn about thread, needles and other tools for free motion quilting. I took classes and practiced. Soon, I was teaching others to finish their quilts with free motion quilting.

I am so glad I did not allow the fear others have with learning free motion quilting stop me from learning. It has allowed me to complete quilts for teen orphans in Uganda, newborns in Israel, Christmas gifts for seniors without families living in nursing homes, babies in intensive care units and so much more.

Rochelle's Success Story

Rochelle Cole
Stitching Lane Society student

Catherine's Success Story

"Geraldine’s practical step-by-step approach, keep it simple, her encouragement to not get bogged down in our fear to quilt and make mistakes, and her inspirational pieces have truly revitalised me to try free motion quilting again.

The Alphabet Design eBook has initiated a recognition of the structure of the alphabet (implied or visible) in quilt designs in books and magazines. This is really great.

Catherine Britt
Stitching Lane Society student

This Course Is For...

Confident Beginner - Experienced with basic free motion quilting machine setup on a home machine and some free motion quilting. You are ready to expand your skills and build a library of designs.

Intermediate - Experienced with free motion quilting. One who quilts their own quilts with free motion quilting and wants to expand their library of designs and begin to create your own.
Longarm & Home Machine Quilters - Confident beginners on a longarm  or home machine quilters who want to improve skills and start building pattern designing skills. 

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A Path To Success

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