Curve Ruler Quilting Challenge

Squiggle Design Challenge

The Curve Ruler Quilting Challenge includes four separate design challenges each in a SEPARATE COURSE at $59 each.  Each challenge uses a different ruler from the Curves & Clams Ruler Kit from BERNINA.

  1. Squiggle ruler challenge - Jan - $59
  2. S-Curve ruler challenge - Feb - $59
  3. Clamshell ruler challenge - March - $59
  4. Oval ruler challenge - April - $59

Curve Ruler Quilting Challenge

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Squiggle Design Challenge 

In this individual ruler challenge learn curve designs with the Squiggle ruler. This course ONLY includes video lessons for the Squiggle ruler. Remember, each ruler in the Curves & Clams Ruler Kit will be a SEPARATE course in the Curve Ruler Quilting Challenge.

In this way, you may choose which ruler you want to learn how to use and stitch beautiful designs for your quilts. Of course, I recommend taking all four courses. One ruler challenge course will be release each month for four months beginning January 2024.

You Will Learn How to:

  • Quilt three Squiggle designs.
  • Use ruler reference to quilt designs.
  • Use fabric reference lines to design

What's Included:

  • Three Designs 
  • Video Tutorials
  • Tool Recommendations 
  • Ruler Quilting Tips

Three Squiggle Designs

Quilted with the Cascade design.

Course Curriculum

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Darlene Watcher


Had a wonderful class with the most patient, caring teacher I have ever come across. She works with you explaining till you understand the process of the designs you are working on. Highly recommend her classes. You will leave feeling that you can accomplish any design in the world. She is an excellent educator.

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  • Curve Ruler Quilting Challenge - Squiggle
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    Squiggle Ruler Design Challenge

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