Success Spotlight   Rochelle Cole

How has your perspective on free motion quilting changed since taking the course?

I have never liked the quilting part of making quilts and I never felt my projects were “good” enough to spend additional money to subject someone else to quilting for me.  I bought a sit-down long arm machine for my 50th birthday in 2020.  It was delivered the weekend before everything shut down due to covid.  It sat there collecting dust most of the time.  The Alphabet Design course encouraged me to set goals of improving my free-motion skills.  It’s still not my favorite part of creating but I don’t hate it anymore.

Why did you decide to take the course?

I watched Living Water Quilter YouTube videos and attempted to try ruler quilting.  The way it was explained and the encouragement to give it a try made me think I could do it.  I was trying to find something special to gift to myself for Christmas and decided taking the Alphabet Design course would be a gift I would appreciate.  I have absolutely no regrets!

Rochelle's Quilt

How has your approach to free motion quilting changed since taking the course? What are you doing differently that gives better results in your quilt projects?

Practice, practice, practice has made a huge difference in both my confidence and my skill.  I’m not where I want to be, but I am happy enough with the results that I don’t mind sharing pictures of my attempts.

Did the course help your reach your goals in free motion quilting? If yes, which goals did you accomplish?

My goal of improving my free motion quilting is always going to be there but now that I have a firm foundation I can now be more specific in this goal by adding baby steps such as learn 5 new designs or concentrate on improving feathers or learn more about ruler quilting.

How did the format of the class affect your learning and your motivation?

I am an introvert and prefer learning in a self-paced environment.  I also need a nudge every now and then to stay on track.  Because of this, I truly enjoyed the Alphabet Design Course.  It was just the right amount of encouragement and motivation without being forced to “socialize” or explain why I’m either ahead or behind in the course.

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Name 3 things that you did not know before the course that are now helpful with quilt making.

  1. Drawing it out first helps tremendously
  2. It's OK to cross over previous quilting
  3. Changing up a design is ok.

Name 3 things you accomplished in the course?

  1. Confidence in how far I've come from stitching in the ditch
  2. Consistency in practicing and wanting to get better
  3. Courage to try new designs

Rochelle's Quilt

Did you revisit sections of the course after completing it? If yes, Why? Is it helpful to repeat an exercise, rewatch a video demo or tutorial?

There isn’t a limit to the number of times I can revisit the course sections because it’s one of the first places I look when I am ready to quilt a project or improve my free motion quilting.

What is the most interesting thing you've learned?

People always say “I don’t have the patience to quilt” and I tell them I’m the least patient person I know.  Free motion quilting really does take patience. Watching videos on 2x playback speed leads to the misconception that I need to hurry.

What didn't work in helping you learn?

The downloads or practice sheets didn’t really help me because I am pretty much paper free so I used my iPad or dry erase board to practice.  I know I’m unique in that way so I’m sure they help others.

What worked in helping you learn?

The videos for each section helped tremendously.  Also, being able to revisit the sections helped me stay engaged even after I completed the course the first time.

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