Success Spotlight   Teri Green

Why did you decide to take the course?

I wanted to work on my Free Motion “techniques” and saw that regular alphabet letters make great designs!

How has your approach to free motion quilting changed since taking the course? What are you doing differently that gives better results in your quilt projects?

The course helped me understand that you look at the design, then practice it on paper to get muscle memory, and then practice on a quilt sandwich before actually stitching the design on the quilt.  

Did the course help your reach your goals in free motion quilting? If yes, which goals did you accomplish?

My goals were:  1) Improve my Free Motion Quilting,  2) Learn a few “go-to” designs and 3)Incorporate designs with ruler work.

During the pandemic, I set a goal to use the time to improve my free motion quilting.  I found Quilt Conversations Live! on YouTube and started following Geraldine (a.k.a., Dena.)  I really enjoyed the discussion on 10 Free Steps to Stress Free Quilting.  

After many YouTube Friday nights – I took the plunge and quilted a 25 block sampler quilt. Each block was different design. I still was fearful and used black thread on black fabric – too afraid to let my quilting shine. But I got it done. That quilt has been on display in two (2) major exhibits – one in California and one in Massachusetts and received positive feedback on the “quilting”. .

 Stitching Lane Society Whole Cloth Exchange
Original Design by Teri Green 

Once I got over my FEAR of quilting, the Alphabet course helped me reach the goal of expanding my free motion quilting library of go-to designs that I can use. It also taught me how to modify a letter/design to fit what I’m quilting. It also showed how to be more creative when stitching a letter. Since then, I’ve quilted several smaller quilts – all with the intent of planning the FMQ and executing it based on the design. I like to combine simple designs with lots of “O letters (circles)” and lines and ruler work.

Watch Teri 's feature on Quilt Conversations LIVE!

Name 3 things you accomplished in the course?

  1. Practicing first on a sketch pad really helped me.  I did NOT ever want to “practice”.
  2. There are a few alphabets that I like better than others – L, E, C, S and B. I love “O” and anything with a straight line.
  3. You can modify any alphabet letter design to fit the space that you are working in.

Name 3 things that you did not know before the course that are now helpful with quilt making.

  1. Practice  2. Improvise  3. Repeat

The letter “S” was Teri's inspiration to create the flower shapes in the corners and the center of the block.

Black Girl Magic Quilt

Initially she had different FMQ design and did not like it.  So she ripped it out and started over again.  Teri decided that echo quilting was simple and did not distract from the selfie collage.

Teri's Course Practice Exercises 

What worked in helping you learn?

The video tutorials are great!  

Did you revisit sections of the course after completing it? If yes, Why? Is it helpful to repeat an exercise, rewatch a video demo or tutorial?

Yes and it was helpful to rewatch videos while practicing. 

How has your perspective on free motion quilting changed since taking the course?

I now see designs everywhere especially in ceramic tiles, in magazine ads… everywhere!

How did the format of the class affect your learning and your motivation?

I liked the assignments although I did not turn them in. Assignments helped you to focus on one aspect of learning.