American Quilter's Society  Quilt Week Paducah

Enhance your experience at a Quilt Show by taking a class

Take the classic and well-loved Clamshell quilting design to the next level with advanced acrylic ruler design techniques that you can use on almost any project. With step-by-step instructions and full size design sheets, you’ll have the help you need to finish your quilts with confidence.

Learn techniques for edge-to-edge quilting, blocks, and borders with just one ruler. You’ll be able to apply the skills you learn to other quilting rulers with ease.

Increase your confidence and finish more quilt projects creatively.

Curious, just starting, or beyond frustration with ruler work? Let Geraldine introduce you to ruler work in a way you haven’t tried before. In this class, you’ll learn machine techniques, get to know your tools and how to make them work for you, as well as learn some great time-saving techniques.

Learn beginner friendly straight and curved designs that can be used on almost any quilting project. Techniques include edge-to-edge quilting, blocks, and borders, using just one ruler. You’ll be able to apply the skills you learn to master other quilting rulers with confidence.

Learn fun acrylic ruler design techniques with one ruler. Geraldine will teach you techniques for edgeto-edge quilting, blocks, and borders. Go beyond the basics and explore multiple continuous and block-based designs. Learn how to create dynamic designs easily using ruler quilting techniques.

Whether you are doing edge-to-edge or custom quilting, you’ll be able to quilt them with confidence using just one ruler. Designs may be used on almost any project and techniques learned are applicable to other rulers. These are beginner friendly ruler-based designs with repeatable designing techniques.

Do you struggle with free-motion quilting designs and where to place them in a quilt?  This class, designed for confident quilters ready to tackle the challenges of design, includes essential skills for free-motion quilters to take their quilting to the next level. Learn how to take new and known designs you’ve practiced and apply them to a real quilt. You’ll learn several advanced continuous free-motion quilting spiral and swirl design variations. They are ideal for background filler and edge-to-edge designs that add beautiful texture to your quilts. Learn how to go from practice quilt sandwich to quilt with ease. 

No more wobbly circles! Join Geraldine to learn stress-free beginner friendly ruler-based circle designs from start to finish. Begin with the basics, then build your skills step-by-step to create repeatable designs with techniques that you’ll use again and again. You’ll learn several circle designs that can be used on almost any project. Once home, you’ll have the skills and resources to take on ruler work with confidence and you can apply these skills with any of your quilting rulers. This class includes techniques for edge-to-edge quilting, blocks, and borders. This is a great class for beginners or anyone struggling with ruler work.