Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza

Join me and friends  September 12-15, 2024 for a wonderful learning experience.  Read workshop information below for details.

Connecting The Dots With Ruler Quilting

Geraldine will teach you techniques for edgeto-edge quilting, blocks, and borders. Go beyond the basics and explore multiple continuous and block-based designs. Learn how to create dynamic designs easily using ruler quilting techniques. Whether you are doing edge-to-edge or custom quilting, you’ll be able to quilt them with confidence using just one ruler. Designs may be used on almost any project and techniques learned are applicable to other rulers. These are beginner friendly ruler-based designs with repeatable designing techniques.

Learn ruler quilting techniques on a home machine.

All classes are taught on the BERNINA  B 570 sewing machine. 

Hex Knot, Want Not
Hexagon Inspired Quilting Designs

Join Geraldine for an irresistible ruler quilting class! Learn fun acrylic ruler design techniques for edge-to-edge quilting, blocks, and borders. Explore multiple continuous and block-based designs, creating dynamic designs easily. Gain confidence in quilting with just one ruler, whether you're a beginner or advanced. With Geraldine's friendly guidance, you'll unlock endless creativity and take your quilting to new heights. Don't miss this chance to enhance your skills 

Power Lines
Straight & Curve Ruler Quilting

Curious, just starting, or beyond frustrated with ruler work? Let Geraldine introduce you to ruler work in a way you haven’t tried before. In this class, you’ll learn machine techniques, get to know your tools and how to make them work for you, as well as learn some great time-saving techniques.  Learn beginner friendly straight and curved designs that can be used on almost any quilting project. Techniques include edge-to-edge quilting, blocks, and borders, using just one ruler. 

Backstage to Main Stage
Design Techniques with Ruler Quilting

Join Geraldine for "Backstage to Main Stage: Ruler Quilting Design Techniques," a captivating exploration of acrylic rulers in machine quilting. Discover how these rulers can seamlessly transition from supporting roles to the main feature in your projects.  In this lively lecture will showcase various examples, including quilts, bags, table runners, and more, illustrating the myriad ways ruler-guided quilting designs can enhance your creations. Each sample will highlight different techniques, from easy to complex, demonstrating how ruler quilting can add drama and depth to your quilt projects.  Don't miss this chance to learn from Geraldine as she shares insights to elevate your projects with confidence and flair!