Avoid 3 BIG Mistakes in Machine Quilting

1 - Reduced Fear With A Plan

When we hear about the real or imagined challenges of free-motion and ruler quilting we decide not to learn. Free-motion and ruler quilting is a skill that is developed over time. Although it is not a decorative stitch programmed into a sewing machine, it is a skill that can be learned.

Before we can run, we learn to walk, and before we walk we learn to crawl. There are several developmental things happening when a child is crawling. A Google search reveals:

“Crawling boosts gross and fine motor skills (large and refined movements), balance, hand-eye coordination and overall strength are just a few. The development and refinement of these skills will assist your child later in life with activities such as running, jumping, writing, fastening clothes, and throwing balls.”

It’s not only OK to crawl when starting free-motion and ruler quilting, it’s beneficial. Be kind to yourself and lower your expectations. Focus on small incremental improvements over a period of time. With this change in mindset, free-motion quilting is possible.

2 - Exchange Hesitation with Clarity and A Winning Attitude

A defeatist attitude is worse than an all-or-nothing attitude. It’s a reason to say, “See, I told you, it’s too hard. Why bother?” The truth is free-motion quilting requires time and effort, like learning how to play an instrument. 

3- Mistake Phobia

Many give up because they don’t see big leaps of improvement in a short period of time. This is unrealistic. It is self-imposed pressure to perform. Let’s be candid about this type of thinking. Would it be plausible If I said my crawling infant was going to try out for the Olympics before she could stand, walk or run? Of course not! However, if I said we plan to slowly develop her athletic skills over years with the Olympics being a goal, that would sound like a good plan.

We’ve seen long-term learning and skill development in Olympic champions like Venus and Serena Willams. No, we are not training for the machine quilting Olympics. However, the skill development principles are the same.

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