Avoid 3 BIG Mistakes In Machine Quilting

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Start Winning...

When quilters talk about free-motion or machine quilting, the discussion often focuses on challenges rather than winning efforts. Then there are conversations that feed fear and lead many to give up or not even try to learn.

As a beginner, I was in many of those conversations. It made me wonder why quilters would discourage me from learning? Were they looking out for me?

Guess what? There are many quilters winning at machine quilting and so can you.

We cannot win if we do not enter the race.

Start Winning...

 Use the guide, Avoid 3 Big Mistakes in Machine Quilting, to help you change the discussion and change your mind. Do runners enter a race assuming they will NEVER win? No, they acquire tools, practice and train. Although machine quilting is not a race, we can prepare like an athlete.

I identified three big mistakes that not only hinder progress but can also prevent us from starting. I allowed fear, hesitation in starting and the fear of experiencing inevitable mistakes in the learning process to prevent from achieving my personal quilting goals.

Quilts are personal. We make quilts to provide comfort, tell a story and express who are as artists.

Use the Avoid 3 BIG Mistakes guide to start creating a winning attitude. The Guide will help you evaluate the following:

Essential Tools

Skill Development





A Quilting Plan


Use My Guide To Start Winning

  • Make plans for success
  • Embrace the learning process
  • Build confidence by doing the work

Achievable Results

  • Make More Quilts - Focused quilting solutions reduce fear and increase productivity.
  • Creativity & Confidence - Purposeful stitching and experimentation are success tools.
  • Skill Development & Growth - Challenges are embraced as mistakes are turned into learning tools.


Rochelle Cole
Stitching Lane Society student

Three Course Options

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Option 1 Includes

  • Avoid 3 Mistakes Guide
  • A 30-Minute Video Lesson 
  • Next Steps Action Plan
  • Plus You Can Submit ONE Project For Personal Coaching From Geraldine
  • Private Course Community

OPTION 1 BONUS: You become a member of a private and supportive quilting community. Share your progress, wins and get helpful feedback from women like you.

Option 2 Includes

  • Avoid 3 Mistakes Guide
  • A 30-Minute Video Lesson 
  • Next Steps Action Plan

Option 3 Includes

  • Avoid  3 Mistakes Guide
  • Next Steps Action Plan

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Includes Guide to Conquer & Win

$27 USD

  • Change Your Mindset & Win

Start Winning - Option 3

Includes Guide & Video Lesson

$57 USD

  • Guide & Video Companion

Start Winning - Option 2

Includes Guide, Video, & Instructor Help

$87 USD

  • Community & Teacher Support

Start Winning - Option 1

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