Tropical Quilting Retreat at Sea

We'll visit five ports, and on sea days, you will have the opportunity to take classes with Gyleen Fitzgerald, Latifah Saafir, and myself. We have lots of fun quilt-related things planned and even port fabric shopping opportunities.

  • Duration: 9 days Location:
  • Location: Eastern Caribbean Cruise Line: Holland America
  •  Departure: Early/mid November 2024 from Fort Lauderdale, FL 
  • Prices: Starting at about $1600 per person

Need more information about the cruise that is not in the brochure, contact Alisa at: 866-573-6351 or email: 

Geraldine's Cruising Classes

Caribbean Reflections

In this dynamic workshop, beginners will dive into the art of acrylic ruler quilting, mastering the basics while creating mesmerizing straight line designs. Meanwhile, seasoned quilters will uncover invaluable tips and tricks for echo quilting, elevating their quilting  to new heights.  With just one ruler and a handful of essential tools, you'll unlock the secrets to crafting stunning quilting designs.

Our canvas? The Caribbean Reflections mini fabric quilt panel, which will serve as both a conversation piece and a cherished memento of your unforgettable sea voyage.   Whether you're a novice eager to explore ruler quilting or an experienced quilter seeking fresh inspiration, this class promises an enriching experience filled with fun techniques and endless possibilities.

Join us as we stitch together memories against the backdrop of tropical paradise!  Skill level: Fun for all Kit: Approx $35

Peaceful Portrait

Discover the serene beauty of portraiture through the art of quilting in our Peaceful Portrait class, where participants will explore three distinctive stitching styles. Quilters will embark on a creative journey to craft a small art piece depicting a tranquil resting face.  Choose from a selection of captivating faces to transfer onto fabric, each offering its own story waiting to be stitched.

Whether you prefer the precision of decorative and free-motion machine stitches or the meditative rhythm of hand stitching, you'll have the opportunity to express relaxation, rest, and reflection in your artwork.  Join us as we blend artistry with introspection, capturing the essence of serenity through the power of quilting and stitching.  Skill level: Fun for all Skill level: Fun for all  Kit: Approx $35

Sea & Sky Strata

Set sail on a creative journey that captures the essence of your Caribbean voyage in vibrant hues with our Sea & Sky Strata class! Designed for all skill levels, this class invites cruisers to transform their memories of the sea or sky, captured on their cell phones at sunrise or sunset, into stunning Sashiko watercolor strata. Using simple yet effective watercolor pencil techniques and the soothing rhythm of Sashiko hand stitching, participants will craft a piece that embodies the beauty and tranquility of the Caribbean.

Whether destined for a pillow, a tote bag, or adorning the back of a denim jacket, this versatile creation will serve as a tangible reminder of your unforgettable adventure at sea. Join us as we blend artistry with the splendor of nature, turning cherished moments into timeless keepsakes that will be treasured for years to come. Skill level: Fun for all (perfect for all levels of experience). There are no sewing machines provided or required for this class. Kit: Approx $60